At The Naked Truffle, we are aware of the impact that our artisanal-crafted chocolate process has on our people and planet. Therefore, we strive towards a greener product and process.


Artisanal chocolate making allows for close to zero-waste during the production process because every bit of chocolate can be remelted and reused without losing the integrity of the chocolate flavor.

Additionally, The Naked Truffle sources chocolate from carefully selected suppliers, many of whom are Fair Trade Certified, who use 100% sustainably sourced cocoa beans, and/or are Rainforest Alliance Certified. When you choose Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate, you support the farmers looking after their workers and our natural resources. The Naked Truffle is proud to source most of our chocolate from these types of suppliers.

Eco-friendly packaging 

At The Naked Truffle, we strive for a sustainable and minimalist approach to our packaging. Our boxes and labels are uncoated and ready for recycling post-use. We aim to maintain a paperless business process; therefore, all chocolate reference guides can be found online on our website. When we use paper, it is composed of at least 10% recycled material. 

At the moment, our box fill material is not recyclable due to the fragile nature of the chocolate while traveling, however, we are testing out ways to improve this in the future.